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CORONA VIRUS in Uzbekistan

Corona virus - Uzbekistan.

Dear guests, those who have booked a trip with us, we ask for your understanding that the Corona virus crisis is taking place all over the world. We recommend postponing the trip or waiting for the situation to improve. We will inform you. Uzbekistan is generally quiet, but almost all flights have been canceled. We are always in touch. If you have any questions, write us.

Uzbekistan has announced the first cases of coronavirus on its territory. This is the second Central Asian country to report a virus attack after several cases were reported in Kazakhstan two days earlier.
At 6 a.m. on March 15, a positive reaction to the Kovid-19 virus was found in the laboratory of the Tashkent Institute of Virology. A man whose identity has not been released entered France. The Uzbek Agency for Health and Epidemiology has announced this first case on its telegram channel.
The woman came from Paris to Tashkent on March 11 with the flight "Uzbek Airlines". The Uzbek authorities said that about 50 people were on board and that they are now suspected of being infected with this virus. Epidemiological investigations and preventive measures have been initiated to prevent the virus from spreading further.
As reported by Gazeta.uz regarding the Ministry of Health press service on the morning of March 16, the coronavirus was also found in two children of an infected woman. A little later, the infection of her husband and grandson was reported. Another infection was also identified, but is not related to the first cases. They say that this is a Uzbek citizen who traveled from Istanbul to Tashkent on March 15.
Limited air traffic
March 14 was the last day of regular flights between Uzbekistan and France. The flight connections to France, Spain and Great Britain have meanwhile been discontinued. Charter flights are used to evacuate Uzbek citizens from these countries.
According to the Uzbek Internet media Gazeta.uz, on March 14, 38 people flew 38 different flights to Uzbekistan, 1,860 people came by train and 38,000 - via other border points on foot or by car. Most of them came from Russia, Kazakhstan and Europe.
Despite its proximity to China, Central Asia did not report the first cases of the disease in Kazakhstan until March 13. No cases were reported in Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.
** Updated on March 16: Added information on further topics, title adapted

Action plan to prevent the import and spread of a coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Uzbekistan
To date, Uzbekistan is a country that is free of a new type of COVID-19 coronavirus infection and remains open to tourists.
In our country, however, all precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Uzbekistan. With this aim in mind, according to the decision No. 2 of February 27, 2020 of the Supreme State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Uzbekistan "For the additional prevention and improvement of measures against the infection epidemic and their spread into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the official procedure was published , which provides for the implementation of measures by tourists arriving in Uzbekistan.
According to this decision:
- All citizens (regardless of nationality) who arrive by charter flight or other special transport from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Afghanistan and Japan are quarantined for a period of 14 days under the supervision of medical personnel in specialized medical facilities .
- All citizens traveling to Uzbekistan by transit flight from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Afghanistan, Japan, France, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will be subjected to a medical examination. If there are no symptoms of coronavirus infection, those arriving at home (residential building, apartment, hotel) are isolated.
Explanation: After a medical check-up at the airport, the tourist fills out a questionnaire stating the length of stay in Uzbekistan and the address of the hotel or other place of residence in which he or she will be living. Within 14 days, those arriving must live in isolation in these premises without visiting public places and only contacting their relatives. During this time, they will be assigned a district doctor who will monitor the patient's health and perform the necessary procedures at home. In the event of a violation of the regulation, the traveler will be fined.
All citizens who have traveled to Uzbekistan from Thailand, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates are registered with the local hospital, where doctors remotely monitor their health. Visiting crowded places is not recommended.
- All citizens from Bahrain, Kuwait, Armenia, Belarus, Amman, Pakistan, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Iraq, Lebanon, Canada, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Holland, Norway, Austria, Denmark and Sweden after Uzbekistan are free to travel to the country after the territorial medical facilities are notified in advance.
Arrivals are advised not to visit crowded places and to limit contact with other people. Health personnel conduct a health survey by telephone every day.
* Exceptions are: official and government delegations, holders of official and diplomatic passports, pilots and members of the aircraft crew, locomotive personnel and long-distance drivers.
** In the event of violations of the regulations, administrative liability is provided in accordance with Articles 195, 257-1 of the Criminal Code and Article 54 of the Administrative Responsibility Act of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
*** After 14 days without symptoms of coronavirus infection, all arrivals can move freely in Uzbekistan.
**** Citizens from countries not listed above can travel freely in Uzbekistan.
State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development

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